Saturday, July 26, 2008

Quote: Timothy D. Cook Of Apple

From the Seeking Alpha transcript (which is so good I must go back for another snippet):
[M]any people really didn’t have a full view of what a phone could do until we announced the iPhone.

This is what Apple does: Dispels the mystery.

When the Macintosh debuted in 1984, it allowed people who never used a computer before to actually want to use one. And, because it was a Mac with a real-people-friendly interface, those novices could immediately do more on their machines than the millions sitting in front of their MS-DOS command-line interface boxes.

When the iPhone debuted last year, it allowed people who could never, ever figure out how to do email, the Internet, SMS, music, and video on their phones to see that it could be done on a phone. They weren't stupid people. They just had stupid software in their hardware. For all the sneers about the iPhone being a "feature phone," it seems to me that the phone that allows people to do more things easily is the true smartphone.

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