Monday, June 9, 2008

Doctor Who: Forest Of The Dead

Part two of Silence in the Library had a different title:

By the time I'd gotten around to seeing it, I'd already thought out too much of it, ruining most of the surprises. Bloody hell! And a running leitmotif of this two-parter is ... spoilers!

I won't do that here. So keep reading.

Alex Kingston tells The Doctor something important:

Very interesting plot point.

They really poured on the spfx in this episode ...

... and also made a damned good argument for ebooks!

The Doctor has one of his epiphanies. Too bad I'd gotten there first!

As you can see, Apple is alive and well in the future, providing keyboards to the library!

The Doctor does not like what's happening.

Sad artifacts.

I told you they really used the fx budget!

And The Doctor begins to become who he will be ...

... but will we ever see that Doctor?

The coming attractions for the next episode look like the aftermath of using up several episode's worth of spfx budget. Looks to be what they called a "bottle episode" in Star Trek: The Next Generation. One set.

Moffat did some very fine work again.

I've rewatched the final act for this write-up. Christ, what a magnificent line:

"I'm The Doctor and you're in the biggest library in the universe! Look me up."

The final act is very, very touching and emotional.

"Everybody knows that everybody dies. But not every day."

It becomes, in fact, poetic.

It reminded me very much of the ending to the movie The Elephant Man.

That movie used a portion of Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem, Nothing Will Die:

When will the stream be aweary of flowing
Under my eye?
When will the wind be aweary of blowing
Over the sky?
When will the clouds be aweary of fleeting?
When will the heart be aweary of beating?
And nature die?
Never, oh! never, nothing will die;
The stream flows,
The wind blows,
The cloud fleets,
The heart beats,
Nothing will die.

Doctor Who is going to be in marvelous hands when Moffat takes over.

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