Thursday, July 10, 2008

App Store: Very Little To Buy!

For me, I mean.

Someone over at Apple really really needs a beating.

They approved three -- not one, not two, but three! -- "flashlight" programs? And two of them are for money?

There are also three Zen garden apps?!

If I was a dev with a real app who's been waiting for Apple's approval, I'd be Real Pissed Off right now, seeing some of the outright crap that made it through the alleged "approval process."

All you people coding games in your basements: Hire a frikkin real artist! I saw game graphics that were simply inexcusable in apps that are asking for money. I hope you don't get any.


I have to wonder if some of these bottom-feeding apps got through because the people are somehow related to people over at Apple. Nepotism would explain a lot! How else to understand such a lapse in judgment?

I mean, for god's sake, this is the iPhone App Store!

Too much of it looks like an app site for PalmOS!

Yes, it will get better. I'm certain of that. I just wish that from the start it wasn't such a disappointment!

All you devs out there waiting your turn, I hope you've got the Killer Apps.

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