Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gasoline On July 3, 2008

Photos taken Thursday, July 3, 2008 on Satan Staten Island, NY:

Super is up to $4.59/gallon.

Diesel is steady at a whopping $5.25/gallon.

Some of you out there are probably actually relieved that it hasn't hit the predicted $5.00/gallon by July 4th.

You are sheep. You are worthless.

How much pain does it take to get you to stand up on your hind legs like a sovereign human being and say Enough! -- how much pain do you need to have inflicted on you before that happens?

Will you have to wait until the oligarchical plutocrats have set up whoever -- kikes, niggers, spicks, queers, liberals, working women, people with curly hair -- as a scapegoat for your problems, so you think you have someone you can finally go out and shoot?

Are you that goddammed stupid?

Are you?

If gasoline hits six bucks a gallon by late October, there will still be morons out there who think Obama will bring "real change."

There will still be morons out there who think Big Man McCain will set things right in Dodge City, D.C.. Why, he'll just let loose a few nukes on those sand nigger ragheaded Christian-haters in the desert and that'll learn 'em.

Are you going to be one of those morons?

We are being systematically fleeced, robbed, lied to, and driven into poverty and outright serfdom.

Is this what you want America to be? Is that what you think it means to be an American? To drop your pants, bend over, and take it in the ass from some sociopathic greedy bastard in pinstripes?

This nation was founded based on a revolution over a tea tax!

Here we are having our standard of living systematically and deliberately destroyed -- and people are placing their hopes on Twiddledumb and Twiddledumber in November?

When have either of those candidates actually stood up against the corporate global interests who have no allegiance to any nation, whose only allegiance is to Money Uber Alles, who don't give one goddam about their own employees -- show me the record those two have.

Don't bother.

Neither one of them have it.

When you've gotten good and fed up with having your life drained away, with having your retirement evaporate before your eyes, with worrying if you're going to wind up in the street, just click this link.

Stand up.

And educate yourself!

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