Sunday, July 13, 2008

Photo Album: Smart Car In Manhattan Again!

Photos taken this morning, Sunday July 13, 2008 with the Philips crapcam.

I'm just fascinated by this little thing! It was parked on the same corner again this morning, but in the space behind.

Yes, I took two pictures through the back. Shut up.

That's the door handle, then the back end!

I looked carefully inside and it seems to me when your foot is on the pedal, it's about just six inches from the frikkin front bumper!

This one had an EZPass stuck on the windshield. That's used to wirelessly and cashlessly pay tolls, which means this baby is traveling outside of Manhattan too! On big multi-lane expressways!

It's basically two seats with about a foot in the back from the rear bumper and a half foot in the front from the fore bumper! Where the hell is the engine?!!? Where are all the guts?!!?

I blogged about these micro cars back in January: Cars Of The Future: Lose Weight Or You’ll Walk!

Funny thing this morning, a guy from India stopped to look at it and said the $10K (starting) price was too much. He pointed out with pride the Nano India is building. I pointed out it will probably never get here due to domestic demand!

I mean, geez, this Smart Car costs about what the techmeme crowd has in their homes as electronics!

You could be a frikkin temp in America and afford a Smart Car!

I am developing a lust for this thing.

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