Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sidekick Gets A Cease & Desist Order From Me

T-Mobile-Sidekick Launching July 30th, no, it's called the Sidekick 2008

Not any more it ain't!

Dear Sidekick makers:

I am the owner of the blog "Mike Cane 2008."

I see you have planned to call the latest iteration of your Sidekick device the "Sidekick 2008."

Please visit my blog at

See that subhead: "Get Your Own Damn Year. This One's Mine."?

It means what it says.

Get your own damn year, 2008 as a designation following a brand name is mine.

Please note that Apple acceded to my C&D order and changed the name from iPhone 2008 to iPhone 3G.

Please note that Microsoft acceded to my C&D order and changed the name of Windows 2008 to Vista.

Please note that even the Organizing Committee of the Olympics have changed the name of their event so as not to infringe upon my mark.

Therefore, you are henceforth ordered to drop the "2008" designation from your upcoming Sidekick.

Why not instead call it the Sidekick Vista or the Sidekick 3G or the Sidekick Bold or even the Sidekick Thunder?

Your vicious pal,

Mike Cane

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