Sunday, July 20, 2008

Smart Car Stuff

Sheryl finally got her Smart car!!

And I love this from smart car. Dumb Questions. Part 2.:
I wouldn’t be caught dead in one of those!

Good. I’m running out of room for the bodies.

And there's this this hair-raiser from the first three days:
"there's mine!" i pointed excitedly. yes, there it was, 13 months later, like a prolonged and overdue delivery:

Emphasis added by me.

Holy cow! Thirteen months!

Man, I saw the MINI Cooper again today. That car is just Sad. I also looked at the Toyota Yaris (what kind of name is that, by the way?!). Neither of them excite me like the Smart. The Smart is the first car to excite me since the days of the Honda Civic.

Ooh. Look: Skinning the Smart car! This one is just too damn scary/freaky! (Shut up, Mac owners!)

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