Thursday, August 28, 2008

Attention Sony! DO IT!!

eBooks volume 3: What is the right price for a device that holds 100s of books?

How can a company like Asus come along and create the Asus EeePC and put to shame companies that tower over it?

It is within Sony's power to do the same for eBooks!

This should be ninety-dollar dollars!

Do it! Do it!!
Kutaragi demanded: “Please make a decision!”

Unable to control his fury, Ohga replied, “lf you really mean it, prove to me that it’s possible.” Then he formed a fist, pounded on the desk, and shouted: “DO IT!”

– Revolutionaries at Sony: The Making of the Sony Playstation and the Visionaries Who Conquered the World of Video Games by Reiji Asakura, pg. 37

Sony is not a stupid company! I'm certain there are geniuses there who can come up with a very clever way to make this happen!

Make it happen!

Do it!!

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