Friday, August 29, 2008

Books 1.0

Dutton Signs Major Multimedia Trilogy
Dutton has laid out big money for what it's dubbing a "digi-novel" by the creator of the C.S.I. television franchise. The Penguin imprint paid millions for a multimedia three-book series from Anthony Zuiker that, at its centerpiece, features a mystery novel which will send readers to a Web site with companion footage relating to the plot.

"Digi-novel" = printed book for which you have to go to a computer to call up the interstitial material. Hey, what happened to that "You can curl up in bed with a book" crap? Sounds like you'll have to get out of bed for this one.

Keep kidding yourself, silly rabbit.


With Weak First Half, RH has “Much Catching Up to Do”
Sales for e-books are already more than double the total for all of 2007, although Dohle acknowledged they still represent only a tiny source of revenue.

That's a worthless, ambiguous sentence. We're near month nine in 2008. So what is the actual rate of sales acceleration? Did sales cross the double mark back in June? April? July?
Reviewing RH’s other worldwide operations, Dohle said Random House Group UK outperformed the marketplace, and added that the group will role out its e-publishing program next month in connection with the debut there of the Sony Reader.

Go Sony Reader.

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