Friday, August 22, 2008

Free Book Excerpt: Xronixle

Apparently self-published in paper at Lulu, but there's a link to a 14-page PDF preview.

It's not bad, just not my cup of tea (virtual reality; there's little SF I can get enthused enough to read these days). I liked the opening para:
A snowflake fell amongst the digital trees, pulsing lightly as it passed between its brothers, floating down to the white ground. X stood with his hands on the railing of the wooden bridge he had just finished creating, admiring the texture. It felt just like it would have in Terrareal, out there where nature was the true creator, where the bridge was just the sum result of necessity, a tool to be used to cross the oft‐empty creek below it. But here, in the virtual construct, buried deep in the outer reaches of the Net, it was a true miracle. To make it feel like it did, smell like it did, was a feat that X took great pride in.

Give it a look.

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