Monday, August 25, 2008

Iron Lady Thatcher: Dementia

Britain's "Iron Lady" Thatcher has dementia: daughter
LONDON (Reuters) - Former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher -- once known as one of the world's most formidable political minds -- has been suffering from dementia for the past seven years, according to her daughter, Carol.

Carol Thatcher tells in her memoirs of how her 82-year-old mother, nicknamed the "Iron Lady" for her tough reputation, often struggles to remember things and repeats questions.

In a memoir serialized in the Mail on Sunday newspaper, her daughter paints a picture of a very different woman from the political heavyweight who strutted the world stage in the 1980s.

"The woman who had dominated discussions for so long could no longer lead debates or keep up with the thread of a drinks-party conversation," she wrote.

"On bad days, she could hardly remember the beginning of a sentence by the time she got to the end."

I disliked her politics greatly, but loved her. She had backbone!

With all of these announced cases, I'd really like to know if Simvastatin is in the mix. How many years and how many more people will suffer before the connection is widespread and can be ruled out?

I'm still having intermittent days when I have to discard lengthy posts because the words get lost in distant mist.

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