Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bryant & May To Continue!!

Bryant & May is a fantastic detective series from the superb writer Christopher Fowler (whose work I've been interested in since the 1980s).

The sixth book in the time-interleaving and -interlocking series was to be the end. After The Victoria Vanishes, no more.

Cue my spirit being crushed!

But today Christopher Fowler has announced there will be a seventh book:
Well, the sixth and final book came out in the UK, the votes are in, the publishers have put their heads together, I’ve thought about it carefully and now it’s official.

Bryant & May are going on.

It'll be called Bryant & May On The Loose.

Cue my spirit being revived!

Here in America, all the Bryant & May series will be re-released in trade paperbacks. Unfortunately, I dislike the covers:

Even the hardcover for the sixth is getting that (mal)treatment:

(This one was supposed to be out in July. The publisher's website now says October! No wonder I couldn't find it in stores!)

Really, someone needs to be flogged for those appalling covers!

Anyway, all the rest of you now have to run out and snatch up the five books to be prepared for the sixth and seventh!

And yes, they are (and will be) in e (waiting for #6).

See Christopher Fowler's eBook status at The eBook Test blog.

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