Friday, August 22, 2008

That Dying Thing: Print!

What a modern newspaper will look like. Inventing the DIS.
Like most of my generation, I don’t see life without newspapers. Well, without something that fulfills the theoretical functions of a newspaper (which, in turn, open the door to other forms of news products).

Two things strike me though.

The first is the cliff-like drop in newspaper advertising revenue. (Read this stunning account in last week’s NY Times). Speaking of The New York Times, its debt is approaching “junk” status.

The second is the number of news junkies (look around you, not at me) who give up physical newspapers without any visible withdrawal symptom. They simply replace one interface with many: web, mobile internet, RSS feeds, a good laser printer to enjoy long articles in bed or at breakfast.

Emphasis added by me.

Take that "You can curl up with a book in bed" crap and stuff it.

For newspapers it used to be, "I can't read electronic news at the kitchen table with my morning coffee."

That nonsense fell.

The print book nonsense will fall too!

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