Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nanotechnology Toothpaste?

Yeah, WTF? When the term "nanotechnology" is used, I think nanites. Little biomechanical buggers programmed to carry out a basic task then self-destruct and exit via urination.

In chemistry, it has another meaning.

And that's apparently the one used to tout Swissdent, an allegedly-gentle daily-use whitening toothpaste:
The invention: Nanoxyd®

In the development of the active substance Nanoxyd® Dr. Velkoborsky used state-of-the-art technologies.
‘The tinier the active substance used, the easier it gets into places where it is intended to develop its effect.’

The calcium peroxide used in miniature form even penetrates into the tiniest of gaps and the interdental spaces, ensuring effective bleaching. Thanks to nano technology, SWISSDENT is able to generate an ideal result for your teeth with a small amount of bleach (0.1%), also permitting an extremely gentle and soft use. All Swissdent products have been clinically tested and can be used daily like conventional toothpaste.

Apparently, some of these will be using a dental remineralization technology called NovaMin. (There's an impressive photo demo there.)
NovaMin represents a breakthrough in oral healthcare with superior tooth remineralization technology, nourishing your teeth with essential minerals in their rare ionic form, and supercharging the natural tooth remineralization that keeps your teeth looking and feeling healthy.

NovaMin is a made from the same bioactive material used in the most advanced bone regeneration material, which is available only to surgeons and has been used in over a million successful surgeries. This material has now been adapted for use in everyday oral care products to revitalize your teeth - producing teeth that are less sensitive, cleaner, whiter and healthier than possible with old technologies like fluoride.

Apparently one of this NovaMin-containing products has been marketed in the U.S. under the name Oravive.

NovaMin is apparently based on Bioglass.

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