Saturday, August 30, 2008

Some Gerry Anderson Items

Here is a set of 133 Flickr photos showing the astounding miniature work of the Century 21 Studio modelmakers. Run it as a slideshow for the full jaw-dropping effect. That is what the future should look like!

On ebay, the head of Mike Mercury:

I'm not providing a link because at posting time the auction ends imminently (and no, dammit, I'm not bidding -- but would if I could!). And it's a replica, not the original head.

Next, hear Gerry Anderson speak!

Here is the link to that page.

And finally, some amazing CGI animation of Skydiver from UFO. The vid is a bit of an ad for some DVDs the guy has done, but that's at the end. In the meantime, marvel at this great work:

Sky Diver attack by UFOs and INVADER
Sky Diver was always such a cool vehicle. But did you ever wonder how Sky One docked with the sub? Well ... this sequence depicts that operation and what happens when the Sky Diver encounters UFOs under the water. But the saucers are not alone. They're accompanied by a UFO from our 1991 film INVADER. INVADER is available on DVD through Lions Gate Entertainment. We animated and built all of the objects except for the beautiful Sky One which was built by Don Showalter.

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