Friday, August 29, 2008

Murderdrome: Eleven Years Old!

Update: And yet another twist. The comic was originally done in 2005! See the Comment here.

There's another twist to the Murderdrome comic book that was banned by Apple.

A Commenter with the handle FishKill stated:
Just done a bit of poking around the net with Murderdrome, and the story isn’t a new one.

Murderdrome was originally penciled by Simon Penter back in 1997. You can see his artwork here:

So this is nothing new, just a new medium for distribution. The bloody story is over 11 years old.

And he is correct! See the 1997 2005 version here.

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Dr Robert Willis, Phd said...

The idea probably is 11 years old - I've most likely been talking about it in pubs since 1997. In 2005 I turned it into a short piece called Murderdrome: 1997 (hence the confusion - it's a joke on paleofuturism) for 70s comic pastiche-zine Solar Wind with art by Simon Penter, but I wasn't happy leaving it there and asked Simon if he'd mind me using the concept again. (He was fine with it, so long as the visuals weren't ripped off from his designs.) Fast-forward to 2008 and here we are with yet another iteration of Murderdrome...

We were planning to link back to Simon's original art on the website (a sort of 'how it came to be' feature) but then, well, you know the rest.

Al Ewing (sorry about the Dr Willis thing, a legacy of the Ralph Dibny blog from a couple of years ago...)