Friday, August 22, 2008

Reference: iPhone Restore Is Dicey

iPhone Backups: Why Apple is forcing me to Jailbreak - and why you should too
If you’re here reading this you’ve most likely already had a restore issue, or you’ve already seen reports of it. Along with the failed restore issue, there’s other problems with restoring - things like what if I don’t want to restore everything on my device, only the data from a single application? For example - I just deleted a note in Moleskinery+. What if I want that back? Should I have to restore everything back to how it was last night (and possibly lose other data) just to get back a single note?

It’s almost like Apple completely forgot about how backup and restore works in the real world. I’ve RARELY restored an entire server, it’s almost always one or two files from a directory. Backup and Restore on the iPhone is inherently flawed and Apple needs to fix it. But given the fact that Apple seems to want to try and forget everything it knows about basic system administration - read on past the break to see what you can do to keep from becoming just another lost data statistic.

This is an issue I've wondered about from afar, not (yet) owning an iPhone.

Perhaps having HotSync on his side makes Ed Colligan confident there's still a place for Palm.

I've said in the past how important sync would be for Apple.

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