Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jive-Ass Turkey Picks Jive-Ass Plagiarist

Joe Biden. Joe "Hey, look at me steal Neil Kinnock's speech!" Biden!!!

Are all of you too young or too stupid or too desperate that you'd ignore his record?

Politics and Plagiarism

Joe Biden wikipedia:
Then in September 1987, the campaign ran into serious trouble when he was accused of plagiarizing a speech by Neil Kinnock, then-leader of the British Labour Party. Though Biden had correctly credited the original author in all speeches but one, the one where he failed to make mention of the originator was caught on video. Within days, it was also discovered that, while a first year law student at Syracuse Law School, Biden had plagiarized a law review article in a class paper he wrote. Though the then-dean of the law school, as well as Biden's former professor, played down the incident of plagiarism, they did find that Biden drew "chunks of heavy legal prose directly from" the article in question. Biden said the act was inadvertent due to his not knowing the proper rules of citation, and Biden was permitted to retake the course after receiving a grade of F, which was subsequently dropped from his record. Biden also released his undergraduate grades, which were unexceptional. Further, when questioned by a New Hampshire resident about his grades in law school Biden had claimed falsely to have graduated in the "top half" of his class, (when he actually graduated 76th in a class of 85) that he had attended on a full scholarship, and had received three degrees. In fact he had received two majors, History and Political Science, and a single B.A., as well as a half scholarship based on financial need.

When someone in a forum yesterday mentioned in passing that they hoped Joe Biden was picked, I scoffed. No, I brayed like a donkey over the suggestion.

After all, a Big Deal was being made in the press about how the Jive-Ass Turkey was vetting people.

But I should have seen it coming!

They're two thieves in a pod!

It must be true: Democrats really don't want to win elections!

In the bizarre chance this pair wins, they can rename Air Force One to Jive-Ass One.

Really, this affront is almost enough to make me not vote for Nader and to vote for McCain just out of spite!

Stealing another writer's work -- that's a Mortal Sin, baby.

And all you crybaby "Nader cost us the election" lying Democrat bastards are probably all smiles this morning.


Christ, you lot are beyond ken.

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