Monday, August 25, 2008

Reference: Presidential Candidate Skeletons

Over at SHAMblog, I've upset (as usual!) several people with my "I'm voting for Nader!" schtick (as usual!) and one of them posted a link to this site:

The Skeleton Closet
All the Dirt on All the Candidates for President --Since 1995-- Because character DOES matter.

Oh, there's plenty there about Ralph Nader.

And John McCain.

Very, very strangely, little about Barack Obama, which leads the site to wonder:
No one's sure what stuff he ISN'T telling us though.

See, that's my fundamental problem with him. He seems overtly shifty. In that Rick Warren fixed sit-down, his replicant-ness was in full swing. It's as if the guy was running Presidential Program A and simply outputting the text files from it. He seems inhuman. And that lack of depth isn't a lack of depth, I think. I see it as a very clever shielding mechanism to deflect interest from him. I also think he doesn't measure up to the Presidency (well, what the Presidency should be). Lastly, I think he's hiding essential parts of his temperament from us and I think he's one of those people who epitomizes the saying, "There's no there, there." I've encountered his type before. Beware!

You may scream in the Comments now.

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