Thursday, May 29, 2008

And I'm Back On WordPress!

"I feel a new man!"

For those who don't know the several minutes of behind-the-scenes drama that was taking place, see this post on the Blogger back up: Locked Out Of My WordPress Blog?

I went to the WordPress Support forum and everyone has been experiencing problems today.

I guess this sign-on glitch was just the latest.

I've also noticed people complaining about becoming spam by Akismet.

That's happened to me!

I can't post on any damned site or blog that uses the Akismet spam filter! My Comments wind up in the Spam bucket!

Lest you think I only leave Comments on tech blogs, one of the places this has affected me is Nikki Finke's excellent Deadline Hollywood Daily site! (Which, by the way, all of you should be reading. The battle for the future of the Internet is being fought there.)

I've emailed Akismet.

Do you think they bothered to reply?

Nope. Not even with a form letter spam!

At some point, Akismet, you will be facing a class-action lawsuit for this crap.

I'm weighing my own legal options if things are not solved.

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