Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Usual Techmeme Scam

Yesterday I posted Asus e900 Versus MSI Wind. In an update moments after posting it, I linked to UMPC Fever's announcement of an upcoming Asus EeePC 1000.

This morning, I go to that slime pit called Techmeme and I see this:

Gizmodo? New details have surfaced since last night? So I click to the story and see this:

And all that Gizmodo has done is basically lifted the entire UMPC Fever post!

My question: Why the hell is Gizmodo getting the big play on Techmeme and UMPC Fever -- which is the source of the damned story! -- has to settle for whoever bothers to clickthrough from Gizmodo?

This is bullshit.

It's also emblematic of the entire scummy circle-jerking Techmeme crowd too.

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