Friday, May 30, 2008

Joanna Stern Makes My Heart Skip A Beat

No, not the fact that she mentioned me by name in a post.

No, not the fact that she's going to Computex next week.

It's the sentence she casually throws out in this post:
I have been playing/testing the Wind for the last week and putting it through its paces.

She's had it in her hands for a week?!!?

And Nate, get this!
Below the spacious screen is an adult-size keyboard. If the Eee PC’s keyboard is a one-bedroom apartment, the Wind’s is a mansion. The keyboard is very spacious and doesn’t require me to type in a hand-puppet shape. The matte keys aren’t as soft as the HP Mini-Note’s, but they provide solid feedback.

That is great news!

There's a video and some new pictures!

I'm very excited by this. My Lust Meter reading has gone up again!!

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