Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Deserved Fall Of General Motors

GM says 19K US hourly workers taking its buyout offers
DETROIT (AP) -- General Motors Corp. said Thursday that a quarter of its U.S. hourly workers will take the company's latest buyout and early retirement offers, opening the door for new hires who will make less money.

The automaker said Thursday that 19,000 workers had agreed to take the buyout offers and leave the company by July 1. GM offered buyouts to all 74,000 of its U.S. hourly workers in February.

GM never said how many workers it hoped would take the buyouts, but under a new labor agreement reached last fall with the United Auto Workers union, GM may hire up to 16,000 non-assembly workers at half the old wage of $28 per hour. GM said it would fill job openings with current employees wherever possible, but would also be hiring new workers.

Different style of suit, same pinstriped-to-the-core bastards underneath.

GM suited punkass dragged before Congress -- when our government worked!

The GM bastards were spying on Ralph Nader!

Punkasses tried to act all innocent! Like all such Suit cowards!

Bastard Suits finally admitted it!

Nader sued! And won! They had to finance his ass!

Ralph Nader: The President we need today!

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