Saturday, May 24, 2008

Apple: You'll Get It When You Can Sync It?

Another user chimes in about the current lack of Apple syncing tools, over at Jason O'Grady's column about a rumored tablet Mac:
9. Biggest problem: synching in the OS

harrib - 05/24/08

You can already have 2-machine setup (mb air + something at home), but synching is a *****, believe me. No support by the OS (apart from rudimentary .mac-synching). iPhoto, iTunes, all your documents and the works should be easily integrated in a big synching solution by the OS. Then I would start using something like this.

This could very well be the reason why we haven't seen what I call the iPod Air.

Steve Jobs is unlikely to release something of that magnitude until the user experience is exceptional. And the lack of perfect and comprehensive syncing would make it painful to use.

By the way, I tend to disbelieve this rumor because it says an optical drive will be included. That's simply ridiculous for something that's supposed to be as light as possible.

Perhaps this Fall Apple will release three things:

1) iPod Air (running OS X iPhone)

2) Mac Tablet (running desktop Mac OS X)

3) The necessary all-encompassing syncing solution

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