Friday, May 30, 2008

Fudzilla: MSI Wind Gets Thumbs Up!

MSI Wind notebook starts the storm
We tried to surf the net, connect on wireless networks, type, listen to music, publish stuff at Fudzilla, write articles and watch some YouTube videos and the machine worked just fine. It can even cope with normal divx Video. We couldn’t really try a DVD, as there is no DVD drive in this tiny machine, but you won’t really miss it. When you play DivX AVI you have to count on 20 to 30 percent CPU time, which is not that bad considering that this CPU has 4W Thermal design power.

The bad part?
The only bad part is the plastic. It doesn’t look as cheap and doesn't squeak as the one found on Asus Eee PC, and the display is far better than the 7-inch Eee PC 701 that we've seen before. However, the Wind PC casing still acts as a magnet for fingerprints. MSI needs to bundle a wiping cloth and to replace this plastic at its earliest convenience. Another good thing is that MSI changed its logo and this new one looks much more attractive than the previous one.

Hmmm... maybe I should rethink my craving for the black one?

I also wonder about this:
We managed to run a few tests and we've found out that only thing that really doesn’t run that fast on this notebook and CPU is video and audio encoding. This goes much slower than on a normal Celeron CPU.

Maybe I might have to forgo using Audacity. That's a bit of a grumble, but doesn't kill my desire.
We can highly recommend it to anyone who can live with a 10-inch display and really likes ultra mobility.

And that would be ... me!

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