Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Ropes: Free MP3 Single!

The Ropes MySpace

They're one of the very few groups who doesn't hesitate to publish their lyrics.

Kill Her Off

Head up
Look alive
No excuses this time
She's not real
It's just your mind
This is it
Say goodbye

Kill her kill her kill her kill her
Kill her off

She's the voice
In your head
That says stay in bed
And she tells you you're weak
You don't need her critique
No she's not worried now
'Cause she knows you'll back down
Don't help her out
Why do you keep her around?

I got to see The Ropes live three times last year.

I've got pictures from all of that, still in my photo processing queue (behind Brigitte Handley and the Dark Shadows!).

One of these days, they'll be published.

Meantime, go get that free MP3.

The Ropes website

By the way, processing photos is work. Here's a test I did months ago. My original photo on left, the enhanced on the right:

That's singer Sharon Shy. Her resemblance to Diana Rigg is amazing. Don't hit on her. She can tell you off in four languages!

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