Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Android: Show Me The CC&P!

First LIVE images of FULLSCREEN Android demo!

Ever since I learned that Google's Android OS is in the hands of former BeOS programmers (who were also former PalmSource people), I've stopped totally ignoring it.

That's not to say I've actually thought about the OS. But I have at least made it a point to check into AndroidGuys several times a week.

Now comes a whole bunch of big news at the above link, showing off a dramatic improvement of the Android UI (go see the videos!).

However ...

... what did you guys do that wasn't influenced by Apple?

All I'm seeing here is basically Hey We Can Do That Too! stuff.

You Be, Inc. people really did some pioneering unimitative work with the BeOS.

I'm not seeing the same thing here with Android.

Yeah, the Unlock dots are neat and new.

But whatcha got after that?

It's beginning to sink into my head now that Android might be a viable alternative to Apple's iPhone. It already kills Windows Mobile and PalmOS.

But show me:

* the Copy, Cut, and Paste!

* an Android phone paired with a Bluetooth keyboard (any BT keyboard)

* the text editing/word processing application

* the photo editing program (basically Photo Toolkit on a phone)

* the offline blogging client (see BlogDesk)

* the filesystem!

Show me that what you're doing is something that isn't reminiscent of Apple's pioneering work. Show me something that isn't giving me flashbacks to the failed Saguaro for PalmOS!

Who the hell wants an analog clock on a digital device?!!?

And that Pac-Man demo that was given? Please! Were you actually using physical buttons to play? How 1980s can you get? We're in the Age of the Accelerometer. Please join us here in the 21st century.

I will wait for the next iteration to be demoed.

Put me on your flack list so I won't miss it.

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