Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sony, The New Titanic?

Sony CEO Howard Stringer: Look At Our Awesome, Expensive, Money-Losing TVs!

Dear God, will someone boot this eejit out of his position and install Ken Kutaragi?

This bit is a slap in the face to everyone at Sony:
But it's tricky to find entrepreneuers in company, especially in Japan, who can create small-scale success with new products. There isn't that tradition in Japan. Trying to find way to mimick it, so we can have some excitement. Making Sony a home for entrepreneuers is the next big challenge.

Sony's reputation -- in Japan itself! -- is that of a maverick.

That reputation is what caused it to lose the Betamax battle. That reputation also led to the downfall of digital cassette and Sony having to bribe its way to victory in the HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray battle (a battle in which Sony had inferior technology and which they should have gladly lost!).

Why is it Sony can create technologies such as the Memory Stick and the UMD -- and they're the only damned company offering those formats?

Because they're deemed an outsider company in their own country!

Yet Howard Stringer thinks he's leading a pack of shy toadies?!

What I think is going on is this: They hate this overfed, pompous, strutting bastard.

They're sitting on all the good stuff.

They want his ass out of there.

They will bring Sony down to the point where there is no other choice but to get rid of Stringer to save Sony itself.

The sooner the better!

That amazon stole the ebook publicity from Sony says more than any possible analysis ever could. At some point that event will be studied by business majors and business historians.

And damn, if there's anyone on the Sony Board of Directors who understands that, start the maneuvers to dump Stringer today, now, this minute!

Hello, Sony Board: Do you really think horrifically overpriced TVs will save your company in the midst of an ongoing and prolonged global recession?

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