Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wherein I Threaten MSI!

Nate in the [WordPress blog] Comments told me about a sneak peak CNet's Crave has done of the MSI Wind lust-o-licious cheap subnote.

I've finally had time to go look at everything.

Sneak peek photos

Sneak peek preview

Sneak peek video

First, let me get my cheap shots out of the way.

You can't reveal the CPU?! It's a secret?! Come on! Are any of us really going to be surprised when -- gasp! -- it's revealed to the the Intel Atom?!

What's this about the CPU going down to fifty per cent of its speed when off AC?! Do you mean to tell me the Atom's huge battery life is dependent on speed tricks like that?! If I ran it at one hundred per cent while on battery (is that setting even offered?), would the vaunted battery life times then be cut in half?

That keyboard looks a bit sketchy to me. I can see right off we're not dealing with the toothiness of the hp Mini Note's keyboard. It also looks frighteningly flat. I can't deal with flat keyboards. I think Toshiba at one time offered nothing but flat keyboards. My fingers tended to skid off the keys! The overall typing experience was also very unpleasant.

I hadn't considered that it lacks the hp Mini Note's protective screen covering. I don't know why I didn't consider that myself, seeing as how I drooled over photo after photo and all the videos, but I missed it. I like that the screen is naked.

After seeing the photos, reading the preview, and watching the video, the reading on my Lust Meter has jumped. I really really want to fondle that thing in person!

MSI, are you going to make that possible?!

This is where I am going into threat mode. I threaten that I am now going to email MSI to ask about what the deal is with retail store sales in New York City. I've already posted that their website is pathetic when it comes to U.S. retail store distribution. But if this thing is going to be parachuting into European retailers all over the place, the same thing should happen here in America. (All right, forget the rest of you: just parachute it into New York City! At least to J&R! I am a selfish cur on this issue.)

I'll let all of you know if MSI replies.

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