Saturday, May 31, 2008

Philips: You Suck And You Cheat!

It's bad enough they're charging US$20.00 for what is essentially crap. But they're selling crap under the label of their brand -- which used to be known for quality products.

And how sleazy have they become?

If you pop in "keychain" as a search item on their site, it won't bring up the camera.

But I found a link on a forum and look at how these cheating bastards have disguised the fact they're whoring themselves by shilling shit:

Click = much bigness

Here's the important part:

Hey, Philips, that's real nice. You can defend yourself when caught by saying you have been selling it but also hide that fact because people have to be as crooked as you are and type "keychain" as "keychn" to uncover your guilt!

Yeah, I didn't pay for this crap. It was given to me. But that person shelled out twenty bucks. And what value did you give in return?

A camera that erases all photos in memory if hooked up to USB while off!

A camera that can't survive a simple drop to the pavement!

You guys must be real proud of yourselves.

Let me help out by enhancing the slogan beneath your logo:

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