Friday, May 16, 2008

aigo/Gigabyte M528 MID: First Review

This is the one Intel MID that excited me earlier this year.

Then the proposed price crushed me.

Now it's in someone's hands: Hand on with aigo MID by UMPCFever

The two key things are:
The Qwerty keyboard is larger than TyTN II's but I think it is not suitable for long time input as similar as I usually do on my TyTN II and ex-phone Hermes.

Although the keyboard of aigo MID is designed for thumbs typing, it seems a little bit wider for easily access to the middle keys of the keyboard.

Maybe my hands are not that big enough to handle it or that's why I can type very fast using the small qwerty keyboard in TyTN II and Hermes.

It still much much better to use a on-screen keyboard for long message typing.

Hmmm ... bad news on the keyboard.

So, OK then, what about that great battery life, eh?
However, the battery life does not show what Intel promised (theoretically)~~ I don't see 10 times longer in battery life~~(that is for sure >.< )

The battery capacity is 2700mAh, 3.7V (~10Wh). For a normal use, surfing internet with Wifi on and simple text input may give you about 2 hours operating time. Even worse than EeePC 900 and Kohjinsha SR8 !!! However, I did not count exactly the running time. Hope I will have time to test it again (both in Windows and Linux environments)

Two freaking hours?!!?

At this point, there's no ... um ... advantage to this over an HTC Advantage or an iPod Air.

How do they expect to sell any of these if:

1) The price is a multiple of an iPod Touch (which, face it, is a MID -- and more!)

2) The battery life is the suck?

Over at the link, there's also an unboxing video and here's a huge photo gallery.

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