Wednesday, May 21, 2008

CopyNazis Attack Redlasso

Party's Over, Bloggers: CBS, NBC, Fox Threaten Free Clip Service Redlasso
Redlasso, a TV clip service favored by bloggers everywhere, is being threatened with legal action by three of the major media conglomerates: Fox (NWS), CBS (CBS) and NBC (GE). The three companies have sent the Web firm a cease-and-desist letter for recording television and distributing it without their permission, and are giving them until May 29 to stop or get hauled into court.

What's Redlasso? It's hard to imagine media and political blogs like Huffington Post, Perez Hilton or Hot Air without it. The company records live TV and allows users to search for clips, grab them and embed them on their own sites. It's pretty sweet! It's also a version of what Sling Media is trying to do -- except Sling is going through the laborious process of getting the networks, producers and the countless other rights holders to give it permission.

What I find interesting is that talk radio uses audio clips from TV shows all the time.

Are they securing the rights to do that beforehand?

Or are the CopyNazis going after the Net because they can?

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