Monday, May 19, 2008

Doctor Who Jumps The Gay Shark

Yes, dear. I'm afraid it's true.

Spoilers ahead -- and vibrant adult language too. So if you haven't seen this episode ...

... or you are a-feared of the F-word, do not read on!

For the dense: spoilers and naughty language ahead!

The problem, of course, begins with the script.

Someone take Gareth Roberts out to the bushes and beat the living shit out of him. This man turned the Doctor into a total buffoon. What he had the Doctor do was a desecration. Gareth Roberts, you are scum.

The bad script was compounded by the worst direction I've ever seen:

Graeme Harper, are you the flamingest gay behind a camera or what?

Come on, you buggerer, try to excuse this shit:

Worst of all, this:

Did you have good laugh in the editing room, looking at your twee shit? Did you think no one would notice? I noticed, you fucker. We're not all brain-dead eejits watching this show, you nancy boy prat!

An episode that featured the wonderful Felicity Kendal ...

... who didn't have near enough to do and who you frikkin cut away from every chance you got! (Yeah, I noticed the horrible editing too!)

In Felicity Kendal's episode, what do you pack of wankers feature? Oh, all of you just had to go all the way with vandalizing the Doctor, didn't you? You just had to bring in the fucking ...

... giant wasps. As if we didn't get enough of badly-done CGIed giant flying insects with that disastrous Avengers movie! What, you lot thought you could do it better -- on a TV series budget? Or were you showing sisterhood solidarity with the tasteless twat who did that earlier travesty (which, no surprise, was also a vandalization of a classic TV series!)?

And Graeme Harper, were you too busy checking out the bums on the stagehands to actually direct David Tennant? Didn't you notice his expressions got to be totally over the frikkin top? Or is your own behavior so bizarre that his seemed toned down by comparison?

As if all of that wasn't bad enough. The moment Doctor Who jumped the gay shark was here:

And especially here:

Oh look, the Doctor smoking after his wee bit of sex!

I'm surprised that rat-ass Gareth Roberts didn't have the Doctor asking Donna if it was good for her too, and if she also wanted to smoke!

It's clear that with this season of Doctor Who they're not even trying. There are now three executive producers listed, meaning that Russell T. Davies -- who brought a stylish respect to the series -- is busy with something else and has left the Doctor in the hands of those who are entertaining themselves with the gayest kind of wretched camp I've ever seen. This is a disgrace.

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