Thursday, May 15, 2008

MSI Wind: Mad Traffic Here Again

Five of the top ten posts here today deal with the MSI Wind.

Six, when I count the updated subnotebook dimensions post -- into which I added the MSI Wind yesterday.

Nine of the ten posts are about subnotebooks (yes, even the eInk post).

The All-Time Top Post here is Everex Cloudbook: The Asus EeePC Killer?

The Second All-Time Top Post here is now MSI Wind: Photos And Video

Everyone is eager to fondle the totables!

I think this proves there is a huge appetite for an inexpensive yet capable device that meets each person's particular needs.

For some people, it'll be the hp Mini. For others, the MSI Wind. While others who already have the Asus 700 series might continue to be content with that for a while yet.

While I thought the hp Mini Note would trump the Asus EeePC, in my own case that proved to be false. My fondle of the Mini was not drooltastic.

The Asus EeePC 700 held its own against the Mini on several points.

Now I need to get my fingertips on an MSI Wind to see if it can trump the Asus.

As usual, should Apple jump in with an iPod Air next month, that will trump everything for me and be the device I get.

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